An Interview with Barbara Sallick and Team of Waterworks Greenwich


In the past few years, having a kitchen with white tile, marble, and cabinetry was very trendy. In recent editorials, we have been seeing more use of color in kitchens. Is there any specific color or material that you would say is a rising trend in kitchens for 2020?

White will always be popular for kitchens. However, at Waterworks, colored kitchens, from light to dark, are in demand. Additionally, metal decorative hardware either applied to the cabinet door or recessed into it is a unique application and often in demand from our clients.

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What’s your favorite place in Greenwich to go for coffee or a quick bite?

Versailles on the Avenue.


Are you seeing a higher demand in washstands or vanities with cabinetry for powder rooms?

We most definitely see a greater demand for washstands in the powder room. What the style may lack in storage it makes up for in the decorative design. The washstand adds a sense of open space in what is usually a small room. Additionally, matching the finish of the washstand to the faucet gives the powder bath a unifying feature.

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Are His and Her bathrooms still popular in master suites?

The ‘his & her’ master suite is a luxury and requires a significant amount of space. Only the largest houses can accommodate this configuration. Most often, the master suite is large enough to feature a large shower and a tub as well as vanity with 2 sinks and a privacy closet for the water closet.


When do you suggest using unlacquered brass versus chrome/nickel finishes in a bathroom?

Both brass and nickel are appropriate for the bath. The choice is a matter of personal preference. Brass will acquire a lovely patina over time. It can be easily polished if you wish to retain its original bright color. Nickel is a sturdier finish and can easily be maintained with a coat of durable car wax.

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What has been the most unique request made in your store this past year?

We always get to work on beautiful and unique mosaic flooring and wall projects. They are all so unique because one is so different from the next. Mosaic patterns really stand out for their unique beauty and craftsmanship. They can be personalized to any whim or desire a client has and we’ll use the most beautiful stone we can find.

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