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You are often looking at objects with a curated eye, what are some recent examples on travels that you’ve transitioned to work?

I am always integrating work into my travels. While traveling I consistently have my eye on my surroundings…I look at how people behave, what they gravitate toward and their habits. I am also always in search of local artisans and artists on my travels. These are all great facets of inspiration for me that transition into so much of my work.


Where in Greenwich do you go to get inspired?

I love Putnam and Mason. I can always rely on inspiration from a good florist and I so adore orchids in particular. I also get great inspiration from greeting card stores.


What is your favorite destination that pops up in many of your interior projects?

Not just one, but many! They would be Asia and West Africa, and of course France -Paris and Provence in particular. When you look at my work you will no doubt find those reflected in my rooms. They bring depth and elegance to all of my interiors.


What is the most unlikely place you received your inspiration?

I get great inspiration from railroad tracks and of course nature. Nature is a wealth of inspiration in each season and in all of my travels.

You wear so many hats at Interiéurs! What would be your ideal project where you use your favorite strengths?

I would love to have the freedom to design a boutique hotel. This would be a great reflection of the many years of experience I have had working as an interior designer and also bringing in new trends.


What are three tips on fiscally managing a large scale project?

You want to be sure to get at least 20% deposit and invest in a good program (we use studio webware), and absolutely have every decision signed off by client.

How do you tie in your client’s past with the present and future you’re decorating for?

The way to best do this is to revert to my sensibility and my personal vision. This has been the best approach for me and transpires into beautiful interiors that my clients are very happy with.



For more information on Francine and her vision go to Intérieurs


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