What is the first thing you do when you get a new client?
The first thing I do when getting a new client is I send the family a questionnaire with 10 questions and eachmember answers it on their own. It’s very important to have a lot of communication and having the clients
illustrate what they like or what they don’t like by using images found in magazines or on Pinterest.
Then we source.

What is your favorite thing about shopping locally in Greenwich?
It’s great to give back to the community and support local businesses. Growing up in Greenwich, I grew up around all the mom and pop shops so having the resources we have in the area is reminiscent of my past.

What kinds of things are you looking for at the moment?
Unique and unexpected accessories that aren’t on everyone’s radar. I’ve been looking for objects that are sculptural and textured. I am also searching for unusual bar stools.

What’s your secret source?
Digging deep into Instagram has been a wealth of knowledge for resources.

What’s your best find?
Smaller, bespoke artisans in the metro area from ceramists to woodworkers to photographers, etc.

In the summer, what’s your favorite haunt (food, ice cream, coffee, drinks)?
Tod’s Point has always been close to my heart.

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