What do you hone in on when meeting with a first time client, so you can capture their style and personality?

We always meet our clients and do a walk through of their potential project to learn how they will be using the space. This is a great indicator in making sure our working relationship will be a good fit. We also request that they gather inspirational images on Houzz and Pinterest so we can get an idea of their aesthetic.  Both of these things allow us to create a space that’s beautiful and fits their needs.

How do you tackle architectural challenges?

When there is an architectural dilemma we always go on site to assess the issue in person; not just try to fix it with a drawing.  We then collaborate with the members of our team, sketch out different solutions and circle back with the client to see which works best for them.


If a client wants you to decorate in a direction that the design world has already moved past, how do guide them along or do you just
let them have what they like?

We have a really open dialogue with our clients and will always give our honest opinion, but are open to compromise so that their home is truly a reflection of themselves.

When a client wants a total design make over where do you begin? What do you do with their furniture that no longer reflects the look you’re going for?

Typically our projects are the redesign of many rooms at a given time, so we present floor plans, furniture pieces and fabrics in the initial meeting.  When
creating a color scheme we like to work from the ground up, so we select the carpet and work from there.  We are happy to incorporate pieces that the client really loves or family heirlooms, but for the rest of the items we usually recommend a place like the Local Vault of Greenwich that resells higher end items.


Do people still request floor to ceiling all white kitchens or are you getting more requests for color?
Many of the kitchens (and bathrooms for that matter) that we are hired to design incorporate a lot of white with touches of gray or natural tones. We really don’t incorporate super trendy design into our kitchens because they are a major investment and should be timeless. We accomplish interest with different textures, unique lighting and classic fixtures with pops of color found in the accessories.

How do you celebrate a finished project?

We usually go out for celebratory drinks with our design team and the client.

Lauren Muse of Muse Interiors

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