Hilton Architecture and Interiors


Hilton Architecture and Interiors is an award-winning residential design firm. Comprised of 16 talented professionals, Hilton Architecture and Interiors is captained by founder and principalCharles Hilton, and the interiors department is led by prominent Greenwich designer, Amy Andrews. Over the past 30 years, Hilton and his team have completed hundreds of projects ranging from coastal estates to office suites to boutique, working farms in such disparate locations as New England, Montana, and California.

The Hilton philosophy is centered on providing custom, comfortable spaces tailored to the lifestyles, aspirations, and overall well-being of our clients. The firm’s portfolio of homes with professional kitchens, indoors pools, golf simulator rooms and spas stands testament to the fact that with Hilton Architecture and Interiors, no idea is barred. Perennially listed amongst the nation’s top coastal architects, the Hilton team has built a reputation for innovative design solutions to the environmental and regulatory challenges common to shoreline construction. Hilton Architecture and Interiors has garnered national acclaim for imaginative and impeccably detailed traditional buildings, yet it is in the relationships with clients that Hilton and Andrews place the most pride. It is through understanding each client’s needs and wants that the perfect projects are built.


170 Mason Street Greenwich, Connecticut 06830



M-F: 8-5pm

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