What in particular would you encourage your clients to invest in, to vastly improve the look of their living room?
Changing the wall color always creates the biggest impact in a space. A quality paint job goes a long way in improving the look of a space.

Who or what are the biggest influences in the design market today?
Instagram and Pinterest have taken over as the influencers of the design market.

Is there an area in particular where you feel we are on the cusp of a new design trend?
As always, what’s old is new again. I think we are finally done with what I call “The W Hotel Look” where everything is streamlined, monochromatic and, lacking in personality. I have been seeing more and more decorative trims being used in spaces. Passementerie can add an heir of luxury to any space.  Biedermeier is back…. I have also been noticing a hint of Art Noveau influences popping up in furnishings and fabrics.

What is the first thing you feel needs to be replaced when taking first steps in upgrading a room? 
Having a fresh perspective on the floor plan of a space instantly creates a new look.  Even with your existing furnishings. Floating furnishings away from walls often creates more visually open spaces. I am also a big advocate on creating multiple conversational areas in a room…even a small room.

Is there a current piece that you carry that you also have in your own home?
The Carlo Moretti blown glass lamps with opaline shades are one of the chicest and most timeless items we have. They work in any environment and are truly unique.

  Robert Passal of Putnam and Mason

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