An Interview with Samantha Steiner of ROOM

What is the big trend in lighting in the fall?

The first would be fixtures that use multiple materials such as glass, wood, metal and more. The combination of materials creates a warmer look which everyone wants for fall! The next would be darker fixtures in general, we love black globes and dark metals to create a moodier feel for fall.

Some of our fixtures that represent these trends are:
Mixed Materials – Mantis Madera Hanging Pendant by Joseph Pagano that beautifully combines a wood and metal body with handblown glass shades.
Mixed Materials – Forchette Chandelier from Materia, which comes with porcelain shades and a metal body.
Dark Fixtures – Coco Chandelier from LaRose Guyon – Black globes with satin black body
Dark Fixtures – Axis 6 from CTO – Bronze with smoked glass shades

Who is your typical client and which room do they tend to be decorating for?

Our typical client are residential designers; however, we have been growing our commercial side a ton lately which has been amazing! Most spaces now a days are open concept, therefore we usually are working with combined dining area and living room spaces. At ROOM we offer the best in lighting and completely customizable furniture. So, all our lighting lines are curated to work perfectly with our furniture pieces, which makes open concept room’s flow even better than they already do.


What is the most versatile coffee table you carry right now?

Hands down the Totah Coffee Table. If you were asking for my favorite, however I would say the Rocco!
The Totah is a staple in so many of our client’s homes! It comes with a removable cushion, so when hosting you can turn the table into a serving table or additional dining area for guests. Then when lounging the cushion is the perfect thickness to lift your legs up, relax and be used as a standard ottoman.

What might you suggest to someone who needs that one piece to pull a bedroom together after the bed?

If they have the space for it, a chaise no doubt! Everyone want’s that additional space for reading and putting up their legs after a long day but aren’t always ready to get straight into bed. Our Helena Chaise is the perfect piece for that little reading nook in a master bedroom. And if you don’t have the space and end of bed bench can act in its place!


What lights are best to put on dimmer?

If the lights compatible we say all! It’s so nice when you have a fixture that can give off a lot of light but then be dimmed to create a moody space when you’re trying to relax after a long day.
Our favorite lights that are dimmable are the Bocci 21.26, the Lindsey Adelman Drop System, and the Astral Sconce from Joseph Pagano.

Are clients layering and using more texture and pattern in their homes?

YES! Have been noticing this a lot lately and we are loving it! Trends tend to repeat themselves every ten to fifteen years. Right now, we’re seeing pattern on pattern everywhere and it is stunning! We use the Proper Hotel in San Francisco as inspiration for layered patterns and textures when helping source fabrics for our clients.


When dining out, do you feel their interior design adds to what you enjoy about the restaurant?

The design of a restaurant adds to the enjoyability of a restaurant. I think it is a scientific fact that if you are looking at something appealing your food becomes more appetizing. This could be a factoid, but I continue to go to places based on the food but will repeat more often based on the atmosphere! Our bocci lighting is perfect for restaurant spaces by the way!


To see more from their collections, visit: ROOM Online


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