An interview with Chris Roughan


You know precisely how to incorporate art in a room when you take on a project, what are some tips in doing so?

Each client is different, so I always assess what the client needs first.  No interior is complete without some form of art such as an oil painting, sculpture, vase, photograph, the list goes on.  I then examine the interior architecture which leads placement of sourced objects and art.  Once all of this has been examined, I start sourcing pieces that reflect my client’s surroundings for great aesthetics and lasting power.

Your installations have great impact! Do you decorate around a piece of art and how do you know where to display it?

The floor plan typically dictates where the art is placed.  On the occasion, I have had clients who are art collectors and their home is built and designed around the art collection through architect, interiors and light.


Many are afraid to tackle a gallery wall. How do you display it so elegantly? What are the best rooms for these?

A room with large and high wall space is optimum and so are stairwells.  These types of spaces are perfect for art collections and always display well.


Congratulations on your work with Rooms With A View, we love your vignette. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your space?

The vignette was a tribute to Albert Hadley’s modern traditional mix.  He loved mixing lacquered walls in a more traditional space and that is how it started.  It also has allowed me to create Roughan Home which is a curated collection of decorative objects that I’ve sourced internationally.  The pieces from my collection each fit perfectly in an American French Salon mixed with mid century modern, 1940s that include current sourced art and objects.

Chris Roughan’s room in Rooms with a View 2019

Your rooms are stunning! How do you begin to strike that extra layer of depth in your client’s rooms?

It’s all about layers, I always attribute it  to dressing a black outfit.  The first layer is clothing, the second accessories, third shoes, 4th hair & makeup and 5th handbag. The Five steps to dressing a room are:

  1. Layout
  2. Color
  3. Lighting
  4. Accessories
  5. Art

What are your go-to feeds on Instagram for statement furniture? How do you find new sources?

I love innovation and inspirational pieces that I peruse at night in bed.  Not the best habit but I have found amazing sources such as @thesalonny @odematelier @thedecoratorsclub.

Your attention to detail and perfection is obvious, but it must be tiring! Where in Greenwich do you like to go to unwind or maybe grab a bite?

 CFCF Coffee or The Granola Bar



For more information on Roughan Interiors and Roughan Home go to Roughan Interiors


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