Steinway has been around for over 160 years. Practically an eponym for piano.  Why do you suppose Steinway is attributed to being the best out there, even today?

Steinway was founded with a mission of building the best piano possible, and we have never strayed from that mission. For that reason, we have never stop looking to innovate and improve upon the piano. The Steinways we are building today are the best pianos we have ever built, by far.


What do you look for in a room when determining the best place to install a grand piano or an upright piano?

Our showroom offers a free in-home consultation service where I personally bring over a Steinway template with either grand or upright sizing and help with determining placement, sizing, acoustics, and finish options. There are 6 different sizes of Steinway baby grand or grand pianos, so many clients and designers I work with find this to be incredibly helpful when visualizing placement of the piano. One thing I always check for is how close it would be to windows, vents, or fireplaces; those things and pianos don’t always mix.


How do you care for piano to maintain its luster and shine? What should we be careful not to do?

Avoid placing anything on top of the piano; whether it’s framed photographs, binders with metal that can scratch, or potted plants (I’ve seen it all!). Otherwise, a cheesecloth lightly dampened with water can take care of most everything else. We have an excellent piano polisher through Steinway who I’m always happy to send out to my clients who end up with serious scratches or marks.


What pianos are the most commonly requested in this area?

One of our most popular selling items thus far in Greenwich has been the Steinway Spirio– Steinway’s new high-resolution player piano. It’s been invaluable for those that love music and value the richness that can be achieved only through a Steinway piano, but don’t play themselves. The Spirio has opened up the possibility of listening to professional level playing in their homes at all times of day, whether enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, or having a cocktail party during the holidays.  It’s quickly become our most desired piano.


From a service and investment perspective, what are the biggest perks of a Steinway?

Because Steinways endure not just for years, but for generations, we say that they are the least expensive piano to own; over time. Over a span of decades, and if treated and serviced properly, Steinways hold their value. There are many cases of Steinways selling for well over their original purchase price after decades of bringing beautiful music and memories to a family.


What should a buyer keep in mind when selecting a piano?

This question is different for every client, but many times we can boil it down to the 4 ‘S’s: Size, Style (black or wood finish? Classic or limited edition?), Sound (so many different options here), and Sensation (or touch).


Where are your piano’s crafted?

Our Steinway & Sons pianos are crafted in only two factories worldwide – in Astoria, New York and in Hamburg, Germany. Steinway has been building Steinways in NY since its founding in 1853 and has been building pianos in Hamburg since 1880.


Showroom Manager Sarah Venditti of Steinway Greenwich



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