What advice do you give to indecisive clients?

Sometimes it’s better to work backwards and ask what doesn’t  the client like and then eliminate those as options.  Then we work within the context of the art to determine several possibilities (too many options equals more confusion).  Discussion and connection with the client is the only way to zero in on what the client is really looking for (and if it’s even possible).

Is there a new frame that you are most excited about?

It often changes!

Is there a particular trend in frames right now?                                                                                                            

Years ago the trend was traditional gold and white gold with decor or carving.   Now we are seeing a huge influx of oversized artwork and extremely streamlined framing, i.e. simple gold, silver, black or white cap and float frames.  Clean lines, new gilding and simple carvings are today’s trends.

What is your Oldie but Goodie frame? 

Stock black or stock white. When in doubt either will go with just about any artwork in nearly any decor. 

To an untrained eye, some frames can look so similar, that it can be difficult to choose, how do you help your clients make a decision?  

We discuss what the client likes and doesn’t like and from there choose a frame that suits the art.  When working with a designer we often discuss the room as well as the artwork.  The artwork often evokes a mood or a memory or a feeling within the client and the frame can help express that mood or feeling.  For example, shapes and curves might be echoed in a frame with a scoop or swirl.  Geometrical drawings with hard lines and edges would look better with frames that have angular details. Paintings with red, gold and yellow are more suited to gold frames, etc.

What do you attribute to J. Pocker’s almost decade long success?  

We’ve been around nine decades and the success is largely due to fine craftsmanship, original designs and superior customer service.  Our relationships with our clients keep them coming back and referring us to others. Being around for so long and having generations of satisfied customers, we’ve developed a reputation as the ‘go to’ shop for custom framing (actually all framing).

What is a mistake that people tend to mistakenly presume when choosing a frame? 

We always consider the client’s space and their home aesthetics but at the end of the day the frame is on the artwork forever and it should be something that brings out and emphasizes the characteristics of that artwork; regardless of the space it’s hanging in.

Has there been a change in frame preferences over the years or has it been pretty consistent? 

The industry, like all others, is constantly changing and evolving.  What was hot 10 years ago is already being redesigned to today’s trends and themes.  Custom framing has evolved to match the interior design market, as their exposure in publications and social media tend to shape the overall perspective of “what looks good today.”  Framers and manufacturers tend to follow suit. 

Eric Mauskopf at J.Pocker

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