What does summer living mean to you?
Warm nights with great company in a beautiful setting.

Care-free spaces that can be used by adults and children alike, with durable fabrics that exude style and confidence without compromising comfort and pizazz.

What is the must-have summer essential? 

The juxtaposition of textures help to add a feeling of luxury and warmth. Such as layering grass cloth behind custom floating wood shelves. Instead of using an expected driftwood cocktail table, incorporate a grey shagreen table which will help to add texture while velvet pillows and a Dash and Albert rug add pattern and personality.

Do you subscribe to the phrase ‘bringing the outdoors in’?
I feel that the phrase itself is overused, the suggestion of painting your walls blue to bring in the seaside does nothing to personalize your aesthetic. However, bringing in elements of greenery can cure the winter blues, and live plants have the added benefit of freshening the air in your home.

What colors most elicit a summertime feel? 
Pure white. Nothing says fresh start more than the color white. It is a great canvas for color accents and artwork. That’s why, universally, museums choose to paint their walls white.

Do you have a signature summer drink?
As a true southern boy, I love a good whiskey whether it be sour or on the rocks.

William Lyon, Senior Interior Designer at Lillian August


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