You seem to do a lot of custom furnishings.  How easy is it to do custom today?
So easy! We love to make sure that each of our customers ends up with a piece that’s fitted exactly to their needs; nothing cookie cutter here.  We work closely with customers to confirm the exact look and fit they prefer, and can then easily accommodate styles.  We can alter the length or the depth of a sofa or even turn a one into a sectional. Also, most of our tables, credenzas and beds are fully customizable, too.  Since we provide customers with a full 3D drawing prior to production, there are no surprises!

Do you work mostly with craftspeople?
Yes.  Most of our pieces are made to order, by hand, and by local craftspeople in NY, CT and MA. We have longstanding relationships with the skilled workshops, and they understand our customers and the level of quality ROOM requires.

What is your favorite design period?
50’s and 60’s.  This period gave us clean lines, gentle organic curves, and a love for different materials.

What is the current trend in lighting?
There is so much choice out there today, but I love the idea of offering lights that are completely unique and designed by some of the world’s best and up and coming modern lighting designers.  I’m seeing more lights made with a mixture of really amazing materials, like hand-forged metals, mouth-blown glass, honed stones like alabaster and spalted woods with a great variety of custom finishes. The attention to detail and quality of materials really makes for a beautiful illumination.

When it comes to overhead lighting are you seeing more pendants used today? If so, where?
Lighting today is an integral part of the design of a space, and our clients love to use lights to of course, illuminate a space, but more importantly to make a statement.  Sometimes one fairly substantial light like our Materia Designs 12-arm chandelier is just right, but I’m seeing more designers also choosing to group single pendants for a more dramatic effect. For example the Larose Guyon Perle 1 is sold individually but grouped in a series it becomes really architectural and stunning. Also, chandeliers and pendant lights are not just for over a dining table anymore.  They can be used to create beautiful entryways, living rooms, offices and even bathrooms!  It’s all about having what you love around you.

Do you have a go to place in GREENWICH to eat of relax?
I love Back 40 Kitchen.  Beautiful space, amazing food and a commitment to organic and local ingredients.

Amy Crain of ROOM 

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