What’s your favorite new piece in the shop now?

A 1940’s French Cerused Oak Cabinet we just received from Paris.


What do you need to keep in mind when looking for chandeliers? What period are you favoring these days?

We buy what appeals to us and are not caught up on trends.  At the moment I have a thing for Regency, Austrian, and Mid-Century French.


We see that you use dark walls in blues and now plum, does this help accentuate furniture and art?

The darker tones create a luxurious atmosphere as an ambiance that truly overwhelms your senses as you enter the shop.  I see them as neutral backdrops which basically work with just about every color.

When a client is keeping their existing furniture and just want to freshen up a space, what do you suggest they do?

We do a fair amount of home accessorizing for clients that have existing furnishings.  We most often suggest refreshing spaces with new rugs, pillows, lamps or lampshades, art and, also by updating their accessories.  For those who are a bit more daring, slipcovers and a fresh coat of paint or a dramatic wall covering will also dramatically change a space.


What are some tips in creating balance and harmony in a room?

Two things come to mind when attempting to create harmony in a space. Creating conversational seating areas, whether it’s in your living room, kitchen or master bedroom.  Scattering lonely chairs in corners never works.  Create intimate seating areas for one on one conversations and also for larger groups.

When selecting seating pieces such as couches is their particular height or thing to consider?

The overall height of a sofa depends on the overall ceiling height of a room as well as the way in which you are physically approaching that sofa or chair.  The days of the 48” high sofa are long gone.  I refer to sofas and beds that are disproportionate and ridiculously high as “W-Hotel Upholstery”  The W had a knack for exaggerated furnishings that created drama in their spaces.  Those days are over and most of us do not live in spaces with that type of volume.  When we design rooms for clients we will use a sofa with an absolute maximum height of 36” if it is a large open room.  Generally we design sofas that are 30”-32” high. We also consider the way in which you approach furnishings as you enter a space.  If you are walking into the side of a chair or sofa it should have a low sloping arm so that it does not become a barricade in the space.  The goal is always to make the spaces as warm and approachable as possible.


What are some unexpected touches you might add to an entry foyer?

A patterned floor be it stenciled wood or inset tile.  Over scaled furnishings and mirrors. I am a big advocate of adding warmth and a sense of drama to an entry be using portieres (drapery) to flank entry doors and passage ways.  It’s the way the French have always done it and, it works in all environments depending of course on the fabric and the way in which the drapery is hung.

Who is your favorite local place for flowers?

I like Winston Flowers.  They are innovative in their approach yet always deliver arrangements that are both luxe and classic.

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