How has the response been in Greenwich to the Alexa Hampton and AERIN collections? What are customers’ favorite pieces?

The response to both collections has been great. Customers are especially loving the Zambia and Corfu patterns in the Alexa Hampton Designer Collection of materials for Blackout Roller Shades. The soft textured fabrics in the AERIN Designer Collection have been popular choices for Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Drapery in girls’ bedrooms.

AERIN Designer Collection


Does The Shade Store have a minimum order? Can someone purchase products for just one window?

Whether you’re looking to dress one window or to outfit your entire home, we love helping each customer find the perfect treatments for their space — no matter how big or small!


What would you recommend to someone looking for shades to go in a kitchen that’s flooded with light during the day?

For rooms with strong, direct light, we recommend Solar Shades in light tones with 1 or 3% opacity. Our exclusive Sunbrella®Solar collection is also a durable, stylish choice for reducing glare and helping to protect your interior from harmful UV rays.

Sunbrella Solar


What shades would you recommend for a large bay window in a living room containing valuable antiques and art?

Solars are also excellent materials for protecting furnishings and art, but you should know they are porous and not completely private. So if privacy is a concern, we suggest materials like Thompson, Techno and Cora. They do a wonderful job of both filtering light and providing privacy.


Where should I use patterned vs solid-colored drapes? Would you say one specific type of room tends to feature patterned drapes more than another?

If your style is more clean, modern and minimalist, rich solids might be a good choice for your interior — they work with just about everything and they never go out of style. But if you’re taste is a little more eclectic, try going for a pattern. We have so many options, there’s sure to be one complement your personality. To get a true sense of what you’re looking for, though, we recommend coming to see us in our showroom so we can get a better picture of your interior and what would look best in it.


What material seems to be trending now in blinds? (Wood, metal, something else?)
Currently, our Wood Blinds in High Gloss White, Black and Ivory are top-sellers. 2” Basic Wood Blinds in our new grey tones, After Rain, Cotton Grey and Faux Dark Grey are really popular, too, right now.

That being said, we believe it’s important to use the right materials for the right type of space. Metal Blinds are simple and stunning, and work in all kinds of spaces. If you’re aiming for a classic look, we suggest rich Wood Blinds. And for areas with more humidity, Faux Wood Blinds are an ideal option.


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