Is there a particular up-and-coming artist you have your eye on?

Swiss artist, Marck. He is a standout video engineer-sculptor-director. Video sculpture is a rare genre and Marck is at the forefront. He combines original video art and three-dimensional sculpture. For example, the piece Redline Butoh, features a dancer’s dynamic interplay between a suspended overhead bar and moving platform below, which exist both in the video and on the mechanized exterior surface of the piece. It is captivating to watch. He brings synchronicity to totally new interactive level. Marck’s approach merges technology and art in a way that hasn’t been done before.


Is there an artist you think isn’t credited enough?

The collaborative artist couple, Clement Kamena. They are classically trained artists who apply traditional skills to a contemporary aesthetic. They’ve had numerous solo exhibitions with Galerie Beaubourg, in Paris as well as other galleries in Europe. They were later featured in various galleries in New York, including the prominent Allan Stone Gallery. Unfortunately, Allan Stone’s untimely passing shortly after their breakthrough show at his gallery disrupted the momentum built on their partnership


What is the biggest draw in your gallery right now?

Currently, Marck’s video sculptures, for their originality and Devorah Sperber’s amazing thread spool installations. Both employ unique concepts and innovative mediums. We also have great success with the vintage pop art of Robert Mars, the mixed media lens sculptures of David Datuna and the constructed paintings of Curtis Cutshaw.


Have you ever had a piece in your gallery that you were tempted to bring home?

It happens every month! I have about 40 pieces at my home!


What was the most challenging piece you had to install?

In general, the outdoor sculptures. A 12’ tall aluminum tree by Clement Kamena required a cement foundation and a hydraulic truck for the installation. Another challenging one was a Roberto Rodriguez sculpture that rotated on a turntable. We are always able to manage these and other complex installations due to our extensive experience and available resources


Have you ever taken a chance on a new artist and it went exceptionally well?

Oh every time! I am always presenting what has never been seen before, and this town appreciates exposure to new artists. I love bringing international talent to Greenwich. Initially, I worked solely in interior design. It was when we faced difficulty finding just the right work of art for our clients that I decided to open our own gallery. Greenwich is really the perfect venue for our collection; it attracts the discerning and sophisticated audience to whom our exceptional artists appeal.


Gilles Clement of Gilles Clement Gallery

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