A few months ago, Janice Parker beautifully designed the windows of Hästens with a great balance of energy and serenity. We want to learn more about this collaboration. Here we speak with Hästens ofGreenwich to hear more about it…

What did Janice bring to Hästens?

It all began with a vision to create a window that represented the beauty of a summer day-bringing the outside indoors. Janice brought that vision to life. During our first meeting and with just a single look at our blue check hammock, Janice seemed to know exactly what she wanted to create. Her creativity, spirit and incredible team turned this vision into reality.


Why is collaboration important today?

There is nothing more fun or more fulfilling than a great collaboration. Since our opening in 2014, collaborations have contributed to the success of our Greenwich showroom. We’ve been fortunate to have excellent partners like Janice Parker. Creating unique and exciting client experiences is just one of the many benefits of a great collaboration, especially in a world where shopping options are limitless. Good collaborations afford each partner with an opportunity to increase their brand exposure and enjoy the benefits of each partner’s expertise.


What did you feel about the introduction of bright reds and greens to your signature navy and white scape? 

We loved it! The bold, bright colors from the lush plants and unique objects that Janice incorporated into the design were eye-catching and whimsical. Everything worked beautifully with Hästens iconic blue check, designed in 1978 by Jack Ryde, member of Hästen’s fourth generation of the family of bedmakers. This year we are so pleased to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hästens iconic blue check.


Do you feel this increased foot traffic and window shoppers?

Absolutely! It was quite a show stopper and very engaging. We had a lot of people come in just to get a better look from the inside. Some even came in for the very first time. It was great to be able to share more about each other’s companies in such a collaborative way.


Any words on having two local visionary women in their fields working together? 

It was such a pleasure working together with Janice and her team on this project. The experience was incredibly positive. As an ambassador of Hästens, I have always been invited and encouraged to think outside the box, so it was easy and natural to collaborate with Janice and her creative team. When you can take a single idea and be open to all possibilities, the best results are always achieved.

Lori DeRocco of Hastens Greenwich

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