Your style is so clean and striking. What is your rule of thumb when jumping into a new project to evoke your signature sleek and bold look?

My first step when jumping into a new project is to interview my clients and listen to what they have to say in the brief to get an idea of what they want out of the project. Then I put together materials to show the client some of my own ideas and inspiration for colors, fabrics and furniture that combine what the client wants with my own style. I want to open my clients’ minds to new ideas and show them all the things they could do with a room.


How do you best incorporate impact when working in a smaller space?

Sometimes smaller spaces can be the most difficult projects. It’s a challenge, but it forces me to be creative with the space I am given. To make the room impactful I incorporate one dramatic feature, it could be a fun light fixture or an interesting wallpaper. When people walk into the room their attention will be drawn to the feature, not the size of the room.


Lighting is getting so much fun; do you have any favorites these days?

I really like modern Italian vendors and designers, they’re very creative. Moooi and FLOS are my favorites.


What is your favorite design shop in Greenwich?

My favorite design shop in Greenwich is Putnam & Mason, owned by my friend Robert Passal.


How do you decorate for a collector who has lots of sentiments?

When decorating for a collector I really embrace their collections. I make the room a special place for their collections to be displayed. I think of the room as a gallery and make the walls light colors, such as a pale gray, so the walls become a backdrop for the art or collection. I never put busy wallpaper on the walls where art or collections will be displayed. The focus of the room is the collection and I create a space that complements it.

What was the most stubborn room you have worked on that ended up being the most rewarding?

I was once working on a house and the clients really wanted an outdoor shower, but it was a waterfront home, so privacy was an issue. I ended up creating a shower that was half indoors and half outdoors. Half of the shower is in the master bathroom and inside the shower there is a door that leads out to an outdoor shower stall. The door in the shower locks and the stall keeps the outdoor shower private. I had to get creative, but the shower has ended up being an interesting feature of the house.


Marcia Tucker of Marcia Tucker Interiors

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