In this year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse, Laura Michaels Design was selected to transform the downstairs basement area.  So as not to have another living area she opted to create a bar lounge instead.  Her greatest challenge was to make the room relevant and functional without being redundant.

Her desire was to create a room that felt cohesive with the rest of the house but could also stand alone physically and aesthetically.  To keep the room from feeling too heavy everything in the room would be light and appear to float. The elevated bar and swinging bar stools complement her theme, while the banquette used the landing to support the cantilevered live edge wood slab requiring only the minimal amount of additional support to continue the idea that it was floating too.

A bar would not be complete without an impressive bottle display. Laura’s bottle display along the wall points the room in the right direction and offers a fun way to showcase specially selected drinks. Laura’s wall contributes more than 360 meals to those in need while effortlessly completing the room. Naturally, any cool lounge area needed equally stylish artwork, so Laura sought to complete the room with an impressive painting of Bob Dylan by Peter Maier.


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