We often hear that a good tub to soak in is the best way to relax. What are the best tubs to do this?

Waterworks Tubs of course!!!  From our classic copper Clothilde Tub to our more contemporary .25 Tub, all bring a beautiful statement to any bathroom


What is the trend now in bathrooms? Tubs vs. showers, or both?

Both!  We see beautiful plans put together with tubs and showers.  It depends on the size and the need of course, but we really do get many inquiries on both.


Is white still the most popular tile choice?

White is still very popular and often with touches of color added in feature walls or mosaic tile flooring.


Where is your favorite spot in Greenwich to relax?

L’Escale Restaurant is lovely for a nice meal with an amazing setting.


Do you have a go-to shop for soaps and towels?

Waterworks!! Truthfully, we have the most amazing towels in our store. These and our soaps can be fabulous hostess gifts for the holidays that are now upon us.

Marybeth Ferrer of Waterworks Greenwich

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