Behind the Scenes: Waterworks

We often hear that a good tub to soak in is the best way to relax. What are the best tubs to do this? Waterworks Tubs of course!!!  From our classic copper Clothilde Tub to our more contemporary [...]

Behind the Scenes: Putnam and Mason

What in particular would you encourage your clients to invest in, to vastly improve the look of their living room? Changing the wall color always creates the biggest impact in a space. A quality [...]

Behind the Scenes: Clarity Home

What is the first thing you do when you get a new client? We have a fifteen-step process that we outline from the beginning of the project to the end, so the client knows where we are in the [...]

Behind the Scenes: J. Pocker

What advice do you give to indecisive clients? Sometimes it’s better to work backwards and ask what doesn’t  the client like and then eliminate those as options.  Then we work within [...]

Behind the Scenes: The Shade Store

What is the hottest seller right now? Shades, blinds or drapes? All orders at The Shade Store are completely custom, and our clients like a little bit of everything. With that being said, our [...]

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