Behind The Scenes: Amy Aidinis Hirsch

  An interview with Amy Aidinis Hirsch     What is a common furniture arrangement mistake you see when entering homes? I am always bothered when the carpet is too small and all the [...]

Behind The Scenes: Renée Byers

  An interview with Renée Byers How do you look at an outside differently to know how to begin your project? We start our design process by listening to our clients and family to hear what [...]

Behind The Scenes: Roughan Interiors

An interview with Chris Roughan   You know precisely how to incorporate art in a room when you take on a project, what are some tips in doing so? Each client is different, so I always assess [...]

Behind The Scenes: Intérieurs

An interview with Francine Gardner of Intérieurs     You are often looking at objects with a curated eye, what are some recent examples on travels that you’ve transitioned to work? I am [...]

Behind The Scenes: J. Pocker

An Interview About Framing Artwork in Your Home What is the purpose of a mat? A mat serves as a physical barrier between the glass and the art. It can also be  a visual break between the artwork [...]

Behind The Scenes: ROOM

An Interview with Samantha Steiner of ROOM What is the big trend in lighting in the fall? The first would be fixtures that use multiple materials such as glass, wood, metal and more. The [...]

Behind The Scenes: The Tailored Home.

  An Interview with Scott Falciglia of The Tailored Home. What is a recent project you’ve worked on that reflects your philosophy of stretching the boundaries with color and era? This (lead photo [...]

Behind The Scenes: The Summer Sale

An Interview with Yvonne Beecher of R&G Summer Sale How did the Summer Sale happen to come about? The company decided to have their first Summer Sale one weekend in June of 2009 in the [...]

Behind The Scenes: Waterworks

An Interview with Barbara Sallick and Team of Waterworks Greenwich   In the past few years, having a kitchen with white tile, marble, and cabinetry was very trendy. In recent editorials, we [...]

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